Welcome to Alcohol and Aphorisms, pull up a chair, grab a glass of something to drink and gather round.  I’ve been doing tasting notes for about a year now, and enjoyed a good debate on the social aspects of drinking, the joy of useless knowledge in Beer (with all respect to Bertrand Russell), of beer culture and how it reflects the expectations of the country the drinker is within and the like.

I have found above all this the joy of a conversation started with a random stranger that starts merely on the sharing of beer, but leads to tales of hidden Cider production area in the countryside, of the advantage and detriment of Japanese bosses sharing your watering hole, the hazards of building roller coasters and the stresses they can inflict upon the human body, and the nature of life in America.

So to begin with I will be uploading some of my old articles and tasting notes whilst I get an idea of exactly what direction to take this blog. If you have any opinions, and I hope you do, sound off in the comments and we shall see where this takes us.