St Bernardus ABT 12 (Belgium: Abbey Style Quadrupel: 10.5% ABV)

Visual: Thick cloudy brown to a lighter brown froth. Initially overenthusiastic froth which makes pouring an art. Quickly subsides to a more manageable level when poured.

Nose: Brown sugar, dates, strong alcohol nose

Taste: Bitter and chewy, amazingly well rounded. More brown sugar, slightly silky mouthfeel – an almost egg white feel. Coriander and dry spice flit up through the main flavour at opportune moments.

Finish: More brown sugar, long bitter aftertaste and a hint of crème brulee leaving a slight freshness as it ends.


A fine beer from the brewery that for a while were responsible for the almighty westvleteren beers and the pedigree shows. Whilst not a match for those beers it is a worth challenger and much easier to acquire. A lovely balanced and heavy beer, which goes will with cold meats, cheese or just a cold winter’s night. A treat.