Makers Mark Bourbon (America: Bourbon: 45% ABV)

Visual: Light honeyed gold at the edges building to a burning gold centre

Viscosity: Moderate width but slow to form lines that ooze their way slowly down the glass.

Nose: Sour mash and planed wood. Honey and a slight saltiness. Grapes come out with a few drops of water. Wheat fields

Body: Harsh without water, thick treacle like texture and a hint of similar flavour. Crumbly biscuits, right at the back of the throat comes a hint of blackcurrant and light honey.

Finish: Almost coffee with just a drop of milk. Bitter but not overpowering. Punches in like that morning wake up call. Sawmill wood lingers on with sawdust and shavings. Wood fire smoke.

Conclusion: With its boast of a hand crafted bourbon, strong flavours and a slightly higher than average alcohol this crafted bourbon tells a tale of sweat and fields on your taste buds. A workman’s measure. Not my most preferred of drinks but you do respect the journey it takes you on and appreciate its nature. It does smooth out wonderfully with just 3 drops of water for a much softer more subtle experience.