Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075 (Wales: Strong Pale Ale 7.6% ABV)

Visual: Light bronzed amber with a light dusting of white froth.

Nose: Chedder cheese; hops, mature corn chips

Body: Sweet, orange, citrus, golden syrup, touch of lime. Mature cheddar.

Finish: Brown sugar; orange juice. Hoppiness sinks in after a few sips.

Conclusion: A nice sweet rounded beer; Thankfully not so overly sweet that it becomes sickly. A good pork pie would go perfect with it to balance the flavours. Lots of fruit flavours on the main body. Worth a go, especially with a few savory snacks on the side.

(Notes: Apologies to the kind bar staff at the Royal Oak; After their kind posing with the bar pump my photo skills ended up leaving a lot to be desired 😦 )