Art Brew: Art Brut with Coffee (England: Bitter : 4.4% ABV)

Visual: Muddy cloudy brown grit with slight hints of red orange shining through. Light brown head. Overall calls to mind a slight bought of diarrhea

(Alternative suggests put forwards by fellow drinkers: Fish tank sediment, river with trolley sticking out)

Nose: Light hop; Malty chocolate. Crème and sharp lemon stab at the end

Body: Slight sharpness. Sweet like icing. Sharp mix of sour and strawberries. Grapefruit.

Finish: Milky coffee. Gritty, clinging powder and oak. Finally an unexpected sharp kick.

Conclusion: The coffee doesn’t come out much until the end. A sharp beer with a slight mutated feel to the flavour which adds a dry element. The competing flavours don’t mix perfectly but make for a satisfying experience.