Schneider & Sohn: Aventinus Weizen Eisbock (Germany: Eisbock:12% ABV)

Visual: A deep brown with a short lived fizzy head that leaves no trace once gone. Bubbles still rise from the centre of the brew.

Nose: Strong alcohol, raisin and ripening fruit. An almost medicinal touch behind a cloying sweetness. Brandy and fruitcake. Fortified wine. This nose is forceful in everything it does and there is no hiding the potency in this nose.

Body: Cherry, raisin and banana; the wheat beer notes roil underneath with a frothy sherbet lemon playing there. Dry dark malts.

Finish: Slick sweet processed cream. sultanas/raisin/fruit fruit style elements. Surprisingly refreshing note followed by fig like heaviness.

Conclusion: A wonderful complex beer that makes no attempt to hide its potency. It warns you what your drinking whilst it warms you up, and you had best respect it.

The normal Aventinus is one of the finest beers ever made and this, whilst suitable for fewer occasions, takes everything and turns it up to 11. Recommended if you can find it.