Marston’s Old Empire (England: IPA: 5.7 ABV)

Visual: Burnished gold with a clear almost apple like thirst quenching and appetizing look. Frothy slightly off white head with a pale rim around the edges.

Nose: Slight apple juice and cream.

Body: Creamy hops in decent dosage. Milky, sweet syrup back.

Finish: Bitter stabby hops, more lactose. After half a pint a golden sweat forms inside your mouth.

Conclusion: A smooth hoppy beer but the hops seem to get lost sometimes in the milky flavoured centre. This keeps it just slightly off kilter which makes it hard to appreciate. Not harsh enough for a hops fan but not smooth enough for a lighter ale. By memory I believe the bottled version to be superior but that may be a topic for a later tasting note. As of such I am unable to recommend it due to its lack of balance, but the beer is not abysmal.