Stone Brewing: Ruination IPA: (USA: IPA: 7.7% ABV 100+ IBU)

Visual: Clear rustic orange with a sustained light froth for the off white head.

Nose: Noticeable from the moment the bottle opens. Powder, hops and orange. Victorian furniture stores. Wood chip piles from a saw mill.

Body: Steady bitterness; sweeter than expected with definite citrus elements. Very smooth mouthfeel. Vanilla icing and a touch of apricot. Syrupy sherbetness.

Finish: Lighter than expected at first then grows slowly but with the certainty of a Hollywood slasher. Lasts long and exhibits a plain cake sponge amongst dry clinging powder. Never reaches the apex its name threatens

Conclusion: It’s hard to write a conclusion on this beer when, enjoyable as it is, it falls afoul of its own marketing.

Whilst deliciously hoppy and bitter its promotion promises far, far more and without that promised height we are left with a beer that is a tasty IPA with a nice edge and a harsh nose, but unable to shake the alcoholic heavens.

Definitely in the top set of IPAs aside from that, and the elements within it do balance brilliantly.

A fine beer and highly recommended – flawed only in not meeting the targets it set for itself.