Chivas Brother: Cask Strength Strathisla (Highland: Single Malt Scotch Whisky: 14 Year :56.9% ABV)

Visual: Light yellow gold. Due to being unchillfiltered it gains a heat haze shadow when water is added.

Viscosity: Takes a while to form and has slow but very thick streaks.

Nose: Dry and nutty. Harsh but sweet. Fromage frais. The cask strength alcohol bite grabs the back of the throat. Water added gives the feeling of a sweet stream on your tastebuds and brings out lighter vanilla notes.

Finish: Very sweet, lemon meringue; harsh burnt wood after which leaves the mouth slightly dry. With water treacle tart emerges and a huge amount of nuttiness.

Conclusion: A brilliant nutty whisky which expands a lot with application of varied amounts of water due to its cask strength. The alcohol punch is obvious but unlike some cask strengths it does not harm the nature of the whisky even undiluted. A strong dram with a lot to say. A fine whisky for discussion or maybe perhaps post a theatre play would be appropriate given its refined air.

Far better than the already reasonable chivas regal of which strathisla whisky makes up a significant part.