St. Austell Tribute Cornish Ale (England: Bitter: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Hazy amber. Light coloured medium bubbled head. Light shines through the body in a pleasing fashion.

Nose: Light lemon, citrus and hops.

Body: Medium hops and bitterness. Again that hint of citrus. Slight lucozade glucose drink touches.

Finish: Dry hops and burnt wood. The centre grows with a sweet note and orange notes which rise out later.

Conclusion: A slow burner of a beer. Initially deeply unimpressive – a standard beer that checks the boxes but without distinction. However as it goes on the finish grows to be above average and a nice haze to the middle body of the beer. It has a nice sweetness to its middle which rounds it out well. Overall it was an enjoyable beer, but does not match its claims of being“premium” ale.