Brewdog/Stone Brewing Bashah (Scotland: USA: Black IIPA: 8.6% ABV)

Visual: Opaque black, light brown and frothy head that settles quickly but has a creamy look while it lasts.

Nose: Orange, sharp, lots of hops. Chocolate malt. Light spices with a festive touch (cloves?)

Body: Bitter, smooth creamy mouthfeel. Egg whites and whipped cream. Lime. Carrot cake.

Finish: Lots of bitter, sweet cream in coffee; dry hops finish that last for a long long time.

Conclusion: Well I believe Will captures the sentiments well in his conclusion next but may I add that this does bitterness better than the ruination IPA. It has less IBU but with less sweet notes to counter act they all add up into a mighty drink.

Lots of hops with a nice bit extra. A rough cut diamond of a centre to make an IPA with a heart of darkness.

Not a beer that appeals to all but it is a treat for those who handle it, with a finish that lasts forever and lots of depth. Not as good as the collaborating companies peak beers but a fine and distinct collaboration in itself.

Guest Taster: Will Ashworth

Visual: Rich caramel brown head.

Nose: The bitter alcohol comes through strongly with a fresh…

Body: A hoppy tang…

Finish …

Conclusion: I don’t think that I can write a review of this beer. It is a good looking complex beer and many of the tastes seem unique to me.