Brewdog: Riptide (Scotland: Imperial Stout: 8% ABV)

Visual: Extreme black with a brown head that vanished nigh instantaneously. Monotone and simple but effective.

Nose: Wet oak with a hint of salt, like the inside of a tall ship at sea on a rough voyage*.Dry coffee beans, a dry and rough edged character.

Body: Oily character. Treacle, harsh hops and burnt wood. Very bitter, burnt ground barbecue bits. Slight crème in large mouthfuls. Smoky and ash.

Finish: Charcoal; very woody character and leaves a harsh edge.

Conclusion: A very harsh example of the style, all rough edges and spikes. It doesn’t match the complexities of the top stouts but far from a simple beer. This beer is an assault rather than a sensation.

Not a top end stout but tasty and impressively full on.

*Note: Yes I do know what this smells like, I’m not just making this shit up.

(Note: Recently tried again under its alternate name: Old World Russian Imperial Stout. I stand by the old review, but the new bottle has cool art so I thought I would upload the new image)