Chopton Brewery: Two Pints Bitter. (England: Bitter: 4% ABV)

Visual: Ruddy orange brown with a patchy beige thin fizzy head. Lots of bubbles froth up.

Nose: Freshly turned field, hops, long walks in the dales. Slight milk chocolate. Quite appealing but understated.

Body: A weak front end, then warm chocolate malt comes in heavily. This part really lingers on the mouth lavishly. Slight strawberry, almost a Quality Street character. Fizziness. Darker elements just on the edge- treacle. Barley fields.

Finish: Late night cocoa, chocolate spread. Extract of vanilla. Sweet with no real bitterness.

Conclusion: With traditional Yorkshire modesty this beer is described as being so called as apparently one pint of this is worth two of any other.

Now it could just be because I’m a northerner but they aint far wrong*

Ok, ok it’s not as great as all that but its above yer standard brew. It’s not in the top dog league and the fronts too weak, but it’s still got a fine body to it. Its taste really surprises, as the beers colour does nothing to hint the malt coca taste it brings and this is a late night drink par excellence.

Nice to have as you curl up with a good book in good old Yorkshire. ***

• Im not biased at all.**

** This is a lie.

***ok, maybe just a tad biased