Nick Stafford: Hambleton Ales: Taylors Tipple: (England: ESB: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Orange brown, clear and flat with a small off white head.

Nose: Lots of citrus, raspberry, banana syrup – possible banana split and dessert topping. Somewhat like a weaker version of the Innis and Gunn IPA head.

Body: Very sweet with an almost whisky taste. Over ripe fruit with sugar forming. Some chocolate malt. Bananas again, quite sherbet like and sharp.

Finish: malty, sweet; some wood, dry afterfeel. Not too long.

Conclusion: Competes very well with the similar styled Speckled Hen; somewhat too sweet and the finish lacks but makes up for it with a nice fruity body with a whisky kick.

Am interesting beer if not fully realised – a good solid pint and a thirst quencher, with just a touch more work this could be premium quality beer.