Abbey Ales: Steeplejack (England: Bitter: 4.7% ABV)

Visual: Mahogany brown with a thin bubbly off white head.

Nose: Malt cocoa, decent light hops.

Body: Slight liquorice. Chocolate malt and burnt wood. Almost citrus back. Slight acid quality at the very end.

Finish: Cocoa. Dry wheat, hops, a powdery feel. A reasonable length to the finish.

Conclusion: Well set malty chocolate notes make this a satisfying beer – it’s a bit too high alcohol to make a fine session beer which is a pity as it has all the other requisite characteristics. However it will still stand a few pints and be still welcome at the end.

This is a pint that feels like it should be drunk in a traditional British pub – it calls out to be sampled on wooden tables and roof supports with low roofs and pleasant scenic view through the window. All this comes odd since it’s a beer brewed in Bath – a city with a much different character.

Huh, enjoy anyway.