Art Brew Tempest Stout (England: Stout: 4.6% ABV)

Visual: Opaque red brown with a dashing of brown froth.

Nose; Very strong and noticeable at five paces. Vanilla cream, slight honey, custard cream biscuits.

Body: Thin front, then wheat style, port wine, a nice bitter edge, some citrus on the very edge.

Finish: Dry, bitter in light doses. Bread crust and bitter leaves. Nettles. A dusting of coffee granules at the end.

Conclusion: A different set of strokes to the traditional stout with port like notes invited in. Not perfect nor the best stout but a wonderful experiment that could do with a few more iterations attempted of the type.

Its like an attempt to mix an Innis and Gunn rum cask with a lighter example of a stout- it doesn’t quite match the heights that image brings up, a slightly thicker body would however be excellent and make a smashing beer.

As it is it’s a wonderful experimental installation to admire and enjoy, but not one to put upon a pedestal.