Brewdog Paradox Smokehead (Scotland: Imperial Stout: 10% ABV)

Visual: Thick black with a dashing of a brown head. Tinge of brown red on the edges as light bounces off.

Nose: Smokey, alcohol and a bitter crunch. Just a touch of coffee. Rock salt and dry hops.

Body: Harsh bitter edges, salty; medicinal – iodine?. Burnt wood. A Shakespearian bitter sweetness. Big dose of boggy peat.

Finish: Iodine and salt. Very bitter and charcoal. Peat comes through very distinctly. Only a touch of sweetness ever shows through.

Conclusion: A very distinct replication of the peatier Islay whiskys, with even some signs of Laphroaig’s legendry medicinal qualities in some notes.

How much you like those whiskys will define how well you get along with this beer.

Smokey bitter and harsh, a beer that you survive as well as appreciate.

Because of those qualities the stout notes are slightly overwhelmed rather than balanced, which is the only real disappointment.

Not for everyone, but spot on for those its aimed at.