Brewdog Tokyo* (Scotland: Imperial Stout: 18.2% ABV)

Visual: Deep impenetrable black which shines rum red in the light. A small brown fizz of a head vanishes soon.

Nose: Coffee, sweet liquor. Strong alcohol punch. Red wine/port. Coffee cake, sweet and creamy. Dark grapes and just a hint of cranberry.

Body: Sweet, both red and black cherry. Burnt sugar and brown sugar. Very fruity. Sweet cream and icing sugar. Raspberry. Slight sour touch at the back of the throat. Black treacle and a wonderful burnt wood with a traditional stout depth.

Finish: Chocolate, alcohol dryness – gin? Dry wood and bitter touches.

Conclusion: Dangerously drinkable. A Cherry fruit beer stout with an alcohol threat hidden under waves of sweet flavour.

Tastes more fruity and sweet than expected, insanely easy to drink and appreciate – rich and flowing.

A fine harsh back to round it off makes this a stout that defies expectation.

Yes it is that damn good.