Kilkerran Work In Progress (Scottish Whisky: Campbeltown: No age statement: Single Malt: 46% ABV)

Visual: Light pale straw.

Viscosity: Slow to form, thick but not too slow trails.

Nose: Grassy and salty; rockiness. Just a hint of peat, airy attics. Tiny amount of fruit cake and floral touches.

Becomes much lighter with just a little water and some vanilla comes out.

Body: Surprisingly sweet, languid salt moments. Thick syrupy feel on the tongue. Bitter harsh wood core and a touch of golden syrup.

A grassiness becomes obvious when water is added as the harsh elements are reduced.

Finish: Sweet and grassy at first, then harsh wood, salt and nettles.

Conclusion: A powerful young whisky with grassy and floral elements matched by salt and peat.

Campbeltown always seems to touch on the full range of Scottish whisky in each glass and this whisky is no different.

Whilst it shows its youth and expands little with water this is still a tasty dram.

Not the best of the area you will get for its price but if you are interested in seeing an early interpretation of the newest Campbeltown distillery then that will make it worthwhile.

If not then the Springbank 10 is a better bet for pure quality Campbeltown whisky.