Highland Park 40 Year Old (Scottish Whisky: Orkney Island Single Malt: 48.3% ABV)

Disclaimer: tasted at a whisky show, this was a comparatively short measure so the tasting note is similarly reduced as I did not get time to contemplate the full range. However I still felt it worth sharing my thoughts on these whiskys I would otherwise have been unable to experience.

Visual: light gold

Viscosity: Fast thin streaks.

Nose: Touch of smoke, very clean smell. Some vanilla and almost floral comes through. Trace of light salt.

Body: Sweet, the alcohol punch is surprisingly present. Burnt wood roams around and light saltiness. An unexpectedly light and sweet expression.

Finish: Floral, vanilla. Light and airy. By far the cleanest finish on a Highland Park.

Conclusion: An amazingly light and smooth expression of Highland Park, with the elements introduced in a far more easy going and laid back manner than we
have become used to. It takes much more time to reveal itself and dances lightly where the earlier expressions assault the senses.

This may show my lack of culture, but I found the still smooth but just slightly more forceful highland park 25 year a more enjoyable dram. But this speaks more to the heights of that drink than the weakness of this one.