Hakushu 1989 TWE 10th Anniversary Sherry cask . (Japanese Whisky: Single Cask Single Malt: 20 years Old: 62% ABV)

Disclaimer: tasted at a whisky show, this was a comparatively short measure so the tasting note is similarly reduced as I did not get time to contemplate the full range. However I still felt it worth sharing my thoughts on these whiskys I would otherwise have been unable to experience.

Visual: Deep rum red with warm brown depths.

Viscosity: Many, many fast forming streaks.

Nose: Sherry and red wine. Dry grapes. Not subtle but powerful.

Body: Very harsh alcohol punch as was to be expected. Without a touch of water most other notes are hidden. With the water it opens up with delicious trifle like notes and spicy richness. Again unsubtle but powerful.

Finish: Initial dry wood, tongue gets numb if taken at its raw strength. Surprisingly airy fields and woods develop with water for a more rounded end to this powerful number.

Conclusion: A fiery powerful sherry cask expression with simplicity and great power. It definitely needs water to appreciate and brings in everything fast and heavy. Not one that takes a long time to reveal its charm. An appealing if overpowering drink that will never be the most complex but will be appreciated.