Abbeydale: Chocolate Stout (England: Stout: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: the lighter side of black with a bubbly brownish head.

Nose: Dusty, chocolate powder and coffee. Lighter than most stouts.

Body: Slightly thin, malty chocolate. The flavours work better in large mouthfuls. Roasted chestnuts. Sweet and treacle like in large enough gulps. Quite malty and slight bitter almonds.

Finish: Chocolate powder, dry powder. Slight bitterness and milk. Sweet at the end.

Conclusion: This beer has many great flavours but they only become evident when sizable gulps of the ale are taken.

This unfortunately reduces the ability to enjoy and take your time over the ale. A beer that should be appreciated is instead forced to be gulped away.

It is a fine enjoyable beer in its flavours but unfortunately deeply unsuited to a sociable drinking session.