Ardmore 25 Year (Scotland: Speyside Single Malt: 51.4% ABV)

Disclaimer: tasted at a whisky show, this was a comparatively short measure so the tasting note is similarly reduced as I did not get time to contemplate the full range. However I still felt it worth sharing my thoughts on these whiskys I would otherwise have been unable to experience.

Visual: Light straw

Viscosity: Slow puckering, then the trail takes a long time to form.

Nose: Light straw, some peat, but overall a very light nose.

Body: Light golden syrup initially then the heavy peat growls though. Smoke, heather and honeycomb. An unusual and exciting combination of flavours.

Finish: Light grain and peat, alcohol punch and then a final trail of salt.

Conclusion: A formidable but light whisky, no salt until the end and without any of the medicinal qualities that often come with peated malts. Surprising and exciting. This is a worthy alternative for a peat head, or a brilliant taste for someone who normally is put off by the harsh elements. Expect to see some of the younger (and more in my price range) expressions being tasting noted later.