Holden: Horn Dance (England: Bitter: 4.1% ABV)

Visual: Light varnished wood and a creamy head.

Nose: Caramel, sweet and creamy. Like the smell of a freshly broken open Cadburys caramel but in liquid form.

Body: Caramel, honey and toffee. Very sweet with bitter edges. Confectionary shop.

Finish: Toffee and bitter hops. Dry back, slight cotton wool feel.

Conclusion: Not too complex but one must say it is fun. A sweet confectionary shop playing in a pint glass, and in that it tells a tale of sugar treats and children’s spare change in a nostalgic Christmas movie.

I did enjoy this beer, nothing fancy, but a whimsical way to drink along an hour or two imagining your nose pressed up against a sweetshop window on a cold winters day.