Kauzen Weissbier Dunkel (Germany: Dunkel Weiss : 5% ABV)

Visual: A crystallised ruby brown with many rushing bubbles and an expressive frothy head that roars forth, yet settles quickly.

Nose; Lemon fresh and hoppy. Plenty of wheat and creamy elements, just a little malt and sharp.

Body: Touch of malt. Light wheated, the character is thin at the back. Slight wood, malt chocolate, sourness and banana.

Finish: Sharp and citrus. Refreshing, bitter and some peanuts distinctly come through. Jiff lemon and malt chocolate.

Conclusion: Refreshing but somehow lacking. It has the fine fresh elements of a good weissbier but the main body is weak.

You can find traces of flavour which are in the light character, as you drink the pint they do build up to a more rounded character but for half the drink they are light and lacking.

Near the end the malt and chocolate are more expressive and the beer opens up well but it is a little too late.

An unimpressive example of the style, but yet still so refreshing.