Belhaven/Greene King: Innis And Gunn IPA (2009 Canadian Market Version) (Scotland: IPA: 7.7% ABV)

Note: This version of the IPA can be recognized by the higher alcohol (7.7 compared to 6.4% and is a significantly different beer)

Visual: Clear light orange gold. Bubbly with a solid light frothy head.

Nose: Oak and vanilla. Creamy. This is nowhere near as expressive as the legendry nose of the prior version of the IPA. Malted sugar and hops.

Body: Sweet then oaky. Rounded rich notes hit like a double bass. Caramel. Light whisky like notes. Icing sugar and a bitter yet honeyed punch.

Finish: Treacle, hops and dusty. Bitter and sea waves.

Conclusion: A much more standard IPA than Innis and Gunns prior attempt which is great pity as the prior version was legendry.

Whilst the previous beer was not as good example of the IPA style it was an amazing beer in itself and had one of the best noses I have ever encountered.

Despite that disappointment this is still a fine beer and also a fine example of the IPA style.

Sweet front, lovely sea and oak imagery and rich on the mouth. This is a firm IPA, just not the classic IPA you wish they still made.