Brouwerij Het Anker: Gouden Carolus Noël (Belgium: Belgium Strong Ale:10.5% ABV)

Visual: Clear but dark burgundy red with a black cherry tint. Light thin creamy head.

Nose: Lots of liquorice , creamy and moreish. Hint of black cherry. Raisins and strong figs.

Body: Still liquorice – butterscotch and plums. Hint of bitter chocolate and sour cherry.

Finish: Sour, overripe fruit, cherry and raspberry. Slightly bitter.

Conclusion: This is a bit different, still obviously a festive beer but very complex with interesting elements from the sour end of the spectrum,

Heavy and feels its weight, this punches with all of its alcohols backed flavour.

Consider this the beer equivalent of an alternative Christmas Day Queens speech when written by Nietzsche. Heavier and full of meaning and forever overcoming, not for everyone but full of wild passion for those who face the challenge.

A beer I would not object to eternal recurrence of.