Oud Beersel: Oude Kriek (Belgium: Fruit Lambic: 6.5%)

(Note: There are apparently two versions of this beer, the other being a 4% beer designed for export. This is the original version)

Visual: Bright light vivid red with a huge firm milkshake head.

Nose; very sharp and sour, sour cherry and sherbet.

Body: Dry with an obvious sour cherry nature. Not overwhelming but evident. Dry sherry, balanced and frothy. Bready texture and wood.

Finish: Very dry and gin like, sourness lasting. Cherry stone sourness influencing.

Conclusion: A very dry, cherry stone sour beer. The sour dry qualities make for a sharp refreshing beer. Not the greatest but very well balanced.

Sharp sour and fruity with a frothy yet substantial feel. It will not convert the undecided to the harsher lambics but a fine way to pass the day. Those more experienced with lambics claim much greater complexity than I tasted but I could not claim to have found them myself.