Schloss Eggenberg: Samichlaus (Austria: Dopplebock:14% ABV)

Visual: Clear bronzed red with an almost spirit like clarity. A feeling enhanced by the neigh total absence of a head. It looks warming and tempting.

Nose; Strawberry, the alcohol is understated but present. Light cream – almost yogurt or thick milkshake. Very fruity and sweet.

Body: Very sugary, golden syrup and malt. Still some strawberry which evaporates in a sherbet haze. Brown sugar and some whisky like qualities. Just a touch of raspberry.

Finish: Dry woody end, still sweet but very dry from the alcohol. Black cherry, then unexpected bitterness and burnt wood.

Conclusion: If every a beer came similar in style to a dessert wine this is it. Sweet and rich, unexpected strawberry qualities and whisky influence – the main body is delicious and full powered.

Yet this beer also suits the role of winter warmer well or nightcap and since this beer is only brewed on the 6th of December for St Nicholas Day it seems very appropriate.

Its alcohol content warms and relaxes. The main drawback to this beer is how insanely sweet it is, one 330ml bottle would go fine shared between two to prevent this becoming overpowering.

Overall a very satisfying and elegant drink for slow sipping. It feels like a masquerade ball of a beer, showy and elegant with surprises hidden behind the mask.