Nick Stafford: Hambleton Ales: Nightmare Stout (England: Stout:5%)

Visual: Extreme dark red to the point of blackness with a creamy brownish head of moderate thickness.

Nose: Creamy, stewed apples and black treacle. Vanilla essence and cheap ice cream.

Body: Burnt wood, chocolate. Thick and slightly oily, Sweet but biting back. Syrupy. Tiny coffee bitterness.

Finish: Treacle/Syrup. More burnt and bitter elements. Slightly dry touch.

Conclusion: A good firm stout, thick and slightly sweet but with enough punch coming through. Heavy enough to take your time on but not sickly.

Well created and balanced. This is a great example of a stout with a lower gravity.

Maybe slightly too sweet for some, but would cut just right with some seafood.