Dogfish head: Midas Touch (USA: Tradition Ale: 9% ABV)

Visual: Just slightly hazy orange gold. A call to golden barley and a fizzy head that quickly dissipates to nothing.

Nose: White wine, grapes, barley and honey. Rich sweet and potent. Seems to power out of the glass. Orange. An almost mead like nose. Dry dusty sugar.

Body: So very sweet, treacle grapes and wild fields. Fizzy with a bitter back. Slight herbs. Definite rich honey. The bitter back is dry and harsh.

Finish: Mead honey, some remaining burnt feel. Comparatively simple. Sugared pasty and a dry end leaving a slight rough texture.

Conclusion: A small laugh was raised after finishing the tasting notes as I read the beers bottle. Nigh every main flavour found was listed right there on its front – barley, honey, white grapes and saffron. – Unbelievably it seems the beer makers were not speaking bullshit for once.

It seems almost like a roman celebration mixed with pagan solstice of a beer if that makes any sense at all. Almost a mead beer and tastily so – somewhat too fizzy but still tasty. Also the flavour become less welcome in the final third, though this means it works better as a beer for sharing.

A small batch for experiencing with friends is just the thing for finding anew what can be done when you experiment with beer.

Top notch? No. Decent and innovative, most definitely

As a final comment it must be said the nose on this beer is up with the old school Innis and gunn IPA.