Brewdog Dogma (Pre 2012 Edition) (Scotland: Spiced Amber Beer: 7.8% ABV)

Visual: Hazy light amber red with a frothy head that dissipates but still seemingly blocks light from above.

Nose: Syrup, honey and hops, Kava. Woods on a rainy day when LARPing. Slightly pungent and perfumed. Scented soap (Lavender?).

Body: Sweet sherbet, honey, sponge cake. Bitter and wood elements. Slick cream middle and slight greenery. Almost bubble gum middle. Vanilla.

Finish: Wood, bitter, dry. Mossy. Heavy and full on. Soap.

Conclusion: A fine but somewhat tricksy beer on the nosy and body. Its sweet and interesting elements combine with a nigh completely hidden alcohol punch.

And then comes the finish.

The finish is ok but feels like it invaded from a completely different beer, which leaves the tastebuds confused.

In its contradiction it is curious, but it removes from the beer the main time that it would be recommended – that of the night time when you want an easy going beer to lull you pleasantly to honeyed dreams. Yet this flaw also makes the beer trip up some of your expectations.

A confused beer, but tasty. Which succinctly sums up the act of drinking. Fun, but often somewhat bemusing when you reach the end.

(Disclaimer: I am not 100% independent on Brewdog beers, but attempt for objectivity on tasting notes)