Clynelish 12 Year: Friends Of Classic Malt 2009 European Oak Casks. (Highland Single Malt Scottish Whisky: Non Chill Filtered: 12 Year old: 46% ABV)

Visual: Medium yellow gold, without too much shine.

Viscosity: Only a very few streaks form but very quick and thin.

Nose: Light heather, honey and distinct oak on the nose. Light dustiness. Sugar dusted cake. Lighter oak with water.

Body: Light and slick, sweet honey. Sesame seeds. Much lighter notes with water, grain fields.

Finish: Rising harsh bitter and wood. Oak again. Slight sourness with water.

Conclusion: The wood influence is immensely obvious in this light whisky. When water is added it is a very natural world tasting whisky’s that brings to mind images of the wild woods of Scotland.

The slight sweetness around it keeps if from being dull but it is never amazingly complex.

An interesting whisky to see the more natural side of whisky and the oak aged flavours. It is a good lighter whisky if not spectacular. It definitely grows on you as you progress on.

Maybe a nice one to take out camping as you get closer to nature.

(Thanks To Dylan Almond for this sample of whisky)

(Addendum: Since this tasting note was done we took the whisky on a camping trip, and yes I was right, it suited perfectly)