Gordon and Macphail: Caperdonich 1994 Connoisseurs Choice (Speyside Single Malt Scottish Whisky: Closed Distillery: Bottled 2009 (15yrs?): 46% ABV)

Visual: Thin coloured pail grain. Very light and colourless.

Viscosity: Fast forming thin and quick streaks.

Nose: Quite a heavy musky experience with planed wood and fine dust balancing it out. Vanilla and cream, the flavours are light but the effect is punchier than you would expect.

Body: Vanilla pods comes through strong. Slight sourness. Sweet – mixed jam and whipped cream. Doughnuts. Water adds more citrus and some toffee syrup.

Finish: Dancing sharp and bitter. Rock dust and oak wood. Sweet. Very mixed in the flavours simmering underneath. Icing sugar and burnt wood. A dry end. It does not change much with water.

Conclusion: A very mixed whisky. What seems at first to be a standard sweet floral whisky gets unexpected elements rippling through its finish to make you question what you have just experienced.

It does not rate at the high end of the spectrum but the solid main character and the oddities that come through holds the attention throughout the length of the dram.

The main vanilla notes are very pleasing and well done and I can’t complain, in part it suffers due to the high quality set by the CC range that it does not quite live up to.

But as I say, I cannot complain.