Geordie Yorkshire Ale Homebrew (England: Bitter: Unknown)

(Thanks to Paul Henderson For Providing This Beer)

Visual: Hazy amber with a light white head. Misty but still translucent.

Nose: Quite sour and bitter with a touch of sour mashed cherries. Slight meat characteristics which don’t mesh well.

Body: Moderate hops, with a quite bitter back. Slight nut and almond character. Feels almost sour brown ale / lambic in some of the acidity, Surprisingly thick feel in the mouth. Touch of honey nut cornflakes.

Finish: Raspberry for an instant, burnt wood. Quite dry end and roasted nuts. Occasional baileys like characteristics. Slight lambic again evident in the sourness.

Conclusion: So we take a look at the first beer to come from the stable of the mead master, and its not a bad first run.

The first impression is the weakest with elements on the nose having a meat character which intrudes on the intriguing sharpness.

The main body recovers well with nut characteristics and sour brown influence, yet is quite easygoing in the punch as it works to a very nutty finish. The sharpness does not always mesh but when it does it gives an edge to the beer to keep your attention.

I cannot rate it as high as the fabled mead, but it bodes well for future batches.