Shepherd Neame: Late Red (England: ESB: 4.5%)

Visual: Burnished bronze red, reasonable lasting inch of a head that simmers down into a bubbly froth.

Nose: Caramel and treacle, hops and raspberries. Some fireside ash.

Body: Toffee, quite fizzy feel. Bitter hops. Fairly empty on the main body. Slight burnt ash. Occasional fruit, but its hard to make out.

Finish: Treacle and charcoal.

Conclusion: This bottle version is significantly worse than its equivalent on tap. Fizzier and that overwhelms the light fruit flavours found within.

Whilst the tap version I would recommend, this one I can not – its too fizzy and somewhat artificial feeling.

Bit of a pity, I was looking forwards to doing tasting notes on this one.

Too weak, too artificial tasting, with a nasty burnt element at the end.

Good thing it won’t be released again until the end of the year.