Cragganmore 12 Year (Scottish Speyside single malt Whisky: 12 Years Old: 40% ABV)

Visual: Light barley coloured whisky.

Viscosity: Very fast forming thick streaks.

Nose: Light grain, vanilla and a citrus touch. Turned earth in fields. Scorched wood and sugar dust.

Body: Sweet syrup, icing sugar with some light floral elements. Crushed grain. Slick feel and light toffee. A touch of aniseed and malt, slightly spicy.

Finish: Light peat and dry wood develops into harsh burnt wood.

Conclusion: A balanced whisky, like many of the Speyside set it flirts with elements from each of the main whisky producing regions.

You can sense influences of fields and floral, smoke and sherry. It doesn’t make for the amazing balance of Oban but it does manage to give tour of Scotland in a glass.

In this is its strength and weakness, it is hard to dislike but does not bear a distinct character of its own. Enjoyable but does not declare itself as a whisky in its own right.

A choice maybe therefore for the drinker unsure of what they wish to sample tonight, and thus an answer to their indecision.