Davenport – Lone Wolf (England: Bitter: 4.2% ABV)

(Note: This seems to be the same as Highgate Lone Wolf which is reported at a slightly higher ABV – odd)

Visual: Chestnut brown red with a decent off white head.

Nose: Cinnamon and caramel, hint of liquorice . Sickly sweet. Gives an impression of a thick textured beer.

Body: Bitter, cloves and chives. Earthiness matched with thick sweetness. Aniseed.

Finish: Light liquorish toffee, then slips into pure toffee flavour. Caramel. Greenery (moss?) and menthol freshness.

Conclusion: A good bitter with lots of earthy and greenery elements. Usually this is a sign of beer that is going down the sink rapidly, but they managed to weave the elements together in a tidy wee pint.

Not a beer that attracts superlatives, but I canna complain. Plus, any beer that manages to put together the disparate elements that it does and doesn’t end up tasting shite deserves a nod at least.

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