Brewdog Nanny State (2010 Version) (Scotland: Imperial Mild: 0.5% ABV)

(Note this is a new recipe as well as lower alcohol than old 2009 Nanny state so I thought it was worth doing a new tasting note)

Visual: Chestnut brown with a decent bubbly head, half an inch of which resides indefinitely.

Nose: Good dose of hops, pineapple and apricot.

Body: Severe bitter at the front, this thing still kicks like a mule. Touch of pineapple now at the back, some charred wood, apricot and a touch of malt. Sharp grapefruit and cherry. Definitely benefits from being room temperature as anything less results in a much less resilient body behind.

Finish: Dry and hoppy as hell, grapefruit, wood and apricot again.

Conclusion: Down to 0.5% and more fruity returns the Nanny State. Much as I still enjoy this on easy going days or during gaming, I will not claim it as a top class beer. What it is, is better than any other low/no alcohol beer I’ve tasted, and at room temperature finally has a bit behind the hops.

The temperature really is the key, as initially tasting was done just below and it seemed like it had no body behind the hops and was reliant on hop bomb and sharpness. The new elements, whilst not resounding, do round it out into something that actually tastes like beer. This version is definitely superior to the 1.1%ABV version and has a much more refined nose.

Not bad, either as a hop attack or as a substitute for no alcohol crap – just don’t expect a contender for beer of the year.

(Note: The eagle eyed of you may notice this has the “My Favourites” tag and wonder why, when it has such a comparatively weak review. Well, I find myself having this beer in my house whenever I can, and partake often when cooking  or gaming or other times I would normally pass on beer.  My favourites does not just include the all night savouring world shakers, but also my favourite session ales, recurring oddities I think everyone should try, and in this case, day off beers – For all times a beer, and a beer for all times)