Nethergate: Wise Monkeys (England: Bitter: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Brown with varnished mahogany highlights.

Nose: Creamy with bitter hops and wood. Slight charred notes and nuts.

Body: Smoke and milk coffee, almost like a light porter. Cream, nice bitter and cherries. Fruit cake and brandy cream.

Finish: Milk chocolate, black forest gateaux, plums.

Conclusion: A mix of a lighter porter and Christmas fruit beer and it kind of works. Its refreshing and deals with a nice range of flavours.

It’s a nice rounded beer, towards the top of the middle, but not challenging the top dogs. It’s got a nice bit of texture, a nice bit of fruit and coffee, and a nice competent all rounder.

The word nice seems to both its blessing and curse.