Talisker 10 Year (Scottish Island Single Malt Whisky: 10 Years Old: 45.8% ABV)

Visual: Oranged Amber.

Viscosity: Very slow puckering and luxuriously slow ambling of streaks down the glass. It is possible that glaciers would outrace the streaks.

Nose: Vanilla, peat smoke and grass. Touch of honey and crushed leaves.

Body: Lovely peat, smoke, and smoked meats. Honey, roast beef sandwiches. Crushed tomatoes.

Finish: Smoke, ham slices, mixed meat platter.

Conclusion: This is an amazingly relaxed whisky considering the sheer depth of peat within it. The peat and smoke are present but never overpowering, allowing for smashing smoked meat expressions to come through

This is a wonderful whisky and thankfully comparatively easy to get hold of. Fine for pub enjoyment or sipping at home.

Definitely a whisky that stands out from the crowd.