Leadmill Brewery Agent Orange (England: English Pale Ale: 4.9%ABV)

Visual: Still apple juice colour with absolutely no head.

Nose: Very light citrus and caramel –not much is evident.

Body: Warming and wood. A sweet harshness and a bitter back. Somewhat like the orange part of chocolate orange.

Finish: Fruity, raspberry. Orange crème centres. Slight burnt cinders and a real bitter burnt end. Vanilla and wheat.

Conclusion: Very little to say about this one. The tastes I have picked out seem to come and go and are not especially evident. The bitter back is prevalent but not much else.

I can’t recommend this one except in times of extreme need, such as when faced with Fosters as an alternative.

(NOTE: A quick sample of this the next day game more evident flavour as the room temperature was higher. Still not fantastic but much better than the first sampling – this is definitely a beer than needs warmth. For balance I have added Dylan Ransoms beer tasting notes from that time.)


Visual: Pale orange, clear with no head or hint of fizz.

Nose: Barley sugar, sweet.

Body: Fresh crisp and cool. Feels smooth with sweet but mellow taste.

Finish: Medium bitter aftertaste. Slightly sharp. No Tang.

Conclusion: Would make a food table beer with a meal.

Thanks to Dylan for his helpful contribution