William Brothers: 80 Shilling (Scotland: Bitter: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Dark ruddy red with mild carbonation and a decent caramel coloured frothy head.

Nose: Toffee sweetness and malt. Slight smoke and rockiness. Rounded and appealing.

Body: Very fizzy and chalky. Bitterness and hints of treacle gets lost in a thin body. Some caramel too but its all far too thin. If you warm it a bit some liquorice does come through.

Finish: Blackboards and chalk, dry and unappetising.

Conclusion: A nose that promises so much is unfortunately matched to a body so fizzy it would embarrass Carlsberg. It seems to try so hard but the body is far too weak and fizzy to deliver on what the nose promises.

You can sense something hiding behind the fizz but it just isn’t allowed to come out and play. The beer does admittedly get better later in the pint as the excessive fizz dissipates and some nice liquorice comes out, but that isn’t enough to save it.

Disappointing – a bad beer is just bad, but a beer that promises so much and then doesn’t deliver, that’s just wrong.