Bath Ales: Festivity (England: Porter: 5% ABV)

Visual: Very dark brown black with a quickly dissipating brown head.

Nose: liquorice, bitter charcoal. Aniseed, cherry and cinnamon come through on a large lungful.

Body: Bitter chocolate, more liquorice. Fruitcake, raspberry and smooth cream. Slightly dry middle. Treacle. Malt and oak. Cherry then a creamy chocolate near the end.

Finish: liquorice. Dry. Burnt charred elements. More bitter chocolate. Slight cotton wool feel.

Conclusion: Much better on tap. That doesn’t mean this is a bad beer, but versus the tap version it doesn’t compare. The tap version is thicker creamier and much more satisfying.


Aside from that it’s got decent burnt notes and cherry influence in the Porter. Its one of my preferred Christmas Beers to grab, it’s got just enough smooth and harsh playing out in it and slips down easily. Not a showstopper but worth waiting to grab.

Pleasant and relaxing, worth getting a couple of bottles in for the year ahead.

Oh and if you see it on tap, grab it, its stonking great like that