Boon: Oude Kriek Boon (Belgium: Fruit Lambic: 6.5% ABV)

Visual: Light purple/pink frothy head roils over a bright light cherry red beer with deep cloudy body. A feast on the eyes.

Nose: Sharp, cherries and lemon, wine touches then glazed cherries and a frothy sherbet feel to the nose.

Body: Pleasantly smooth front, cherries and cheesecake. Sweet lemon, rounded out as red grapes and wood come in.

Finish: Sharp and sour, dry then tart at the end.

Conclusion: I’m always a tad wary on lambic tasting notes as my range of experience on this unique style is comparatively limited. However from this limited experience I am confident in saying that this does seem to be a very rounded and elegantly subtle expression of the style – the sour punch is understated and tasty tart character shows through in its wide range of taste components.

Very relaxing for a lambic, and probably the most satisfying of the ones I have tried so far, with many wonderful elements including the fantastic cherry cheesecake on the main body and the dry sweet character.

Maybe I should have a few more of these to help educate my palette on the style.

That’s why I’m drinking them, honest.