Hair Of The Dog: Adam (USA: Traditional Ale: 10% ABV)
(Batch 69: Bottled 2008: Drank 2010)

Visual: Black silk with a sturdy frothy mocha brown head that leaves trails as it slowly diminishes.

Nose: Figs, malt, dark chocolate. Coffee, prunes, rich cream. Crushed mixed spices – Christmassy in style. Plum pudding, heavy smooth and rich. Mulled wine.

Body: Cherries, figs, smooth cream, hot chocolate of the finest type, truffles, roasted nuts. Bitter undertones round out the underside of the sweet main body. Frothy like whipped cream in coffee. Tiny syrup but only the barest hint at the back. Very light texture – a beer of aero bubbles.

Finish: Mocha coffee, bitter chocolate and blackcherry. Smooth and creamy again Almonds.

Conclusion: Crazy smooth like a beer mix of aero chocolate and fine frothy coffee, this beer has it all. Wonderful texture, rich fruit, chocolate and coffee flavours with enough bite from the fig like elements to tease an unexpected gasp from you.

This really is a beer that makes you go “wow!” and well worth the hard search to find.

The high alcohol is nigh completely hidden in the smooth complex body. This rates up with Aventinus Eisbock, Westvletern 12, Beer Geek Brunch Weasel and Good King Henry Special Reserve as on of the greatest beers I have ever tasted – So easy to drink it should be a drink for a social night out, but so complex it would be a crime to do anything but take your time. Not as complex or heavy as Westvletern but insanely smooth which more than makes up for it.

Excellence in a glass.