Kirin Ichiban: Hub Ale (Japan: Bitter: 5% ABV)

(Unsure on the Kirin Ichiban, but as seen in the photo the special glass for this beer has their logo on so I presume association)

Visual: Light honeyed gold with diminishing frothy head.

Nose: Light hops, lime and orange. Quite fresh and flowery.

Body: Smooth hoppy body. Bit of malt, but quite light and sweet. With a slightly fruity core. Ginger. Bit too sherbet like feel, and the bitterness feels artificial. Kinds of sherbet flavoured as well as textured.

Finish: Burnt and bitter, lime jelly. Dry.

Conclusion: Pretty much a lighter Japanese version of John Smiths. Ok, ok not that bad, but not far off. Kind of smooth and creamy, sweet and inoffensive.

It really is a babys first ale kind of a beer

(I’m from Yorkshire, so there is nothing wrong with that statement – we start early there.)

Bit too sweet, bit too light, bit too rubbish. But it beats Kirin Ichiban’s lager. Just.