Shiga Kogen Brewery: House IPA (Japan: Imperial IPA: 8% ABV)

Visual: Light amber gold with a thin dusty of bubbles around the rim.

Nose: Orange, citrus and hops. Lemon sharp and punchy.

Body: Barley, large dose of hops. Lemon. Fizzy but not overpowering. Maize.

Finish: Rising hops. Orange and barley.

Conclusion: A powerful no nonsense IPA. Its purchase led the staff to comment that it was both “Oishii” and “sugoi”, and it would be rude of me to disagree.

Its punch can sometimes overwhelm its flavour, but it’s a ride of powerful sensations. It doesn’t take its place in the crowed field of top IPAs but it’s a fine drink for a beer side chat, and the punch will ensure you remain alert and awake with senses primed for a good debate.

Not perfect and somewhat rough around the edges, but you cannot complain against its forceful nature.