Bowmore 12 Year (Scottish Islay Single Malt Whisky:40% ABV)

Visual: Light orange brown.

Viscosity: A couple of medium speed streaks but no real outbreak.

Nose: Light peat and smoke. Barley and honey, Soap.

Body: Peat, slight salt and smoke. Toffee. Slick and warming. Vanilla. Grapefruit.

Finish: Salt and slight treacle. Hard toffee and soft fudge. Chocolate – both sweet and dark bitter. Burnt wood. Long lasting and very rich. Strawberry.

Conclusion: This took me by surprise. Previously Id not paid much attention to this, seeing it as just a lighter peated Islay. But now I’ve sat down and taken time to examine it, I find it to be like a mix of several fractal patterns of flavour, showing detail on every level of examination.

The nose is light and unimpressive, but the body builds and the fudge and dark chocolate finish is a thing of wonder.

Complex and just peaty enough- a remarkable and wonderful Islay. Very impressive.