Chivas Regal 12 Year (Scottish Blended Whisky: 12 Years Old: 40% ABV)

Visual: Light off yellow.

Viscosity: A smattering of very fast, close grouped streaks, shortly after there is a veritable deluge of streaks.

Nose: Vanilla, cream, aniseed and liquorice. MDF plywood, lemon. Slick but with a slight alcohol burn.

Body: Banana yogurt, planed wood. Syrup. Cream. Lime. Slight nut back. Blackcurrant.

Finish: Alcohol hits first, dry and wheaty. Charred touches. Slight nuts and slight caramel.

Conclusion: As blends go, this is smother and more complex than most, but the grain kick and fire is still evident.

This whisky does not entirely earn its reputation as the premium of blends – and drinking it reminds you that its core single malt, the Stathisla, is far superior in every way.

Not bad, it does the job, and is elevated above most blended whisky, but unlike some premium blends it can’t quite compete with the single malts.

Smooth and easy going, a good back up choice, but not a first pick.